Manhattan Sideways features CUE!

Added on by Shona Masarin.

Manhattan Sideways explores the treasures of the side streets and documents each and every place. 

"From all of the galleries that we have explored through Manhattan Sideways, we have gathered that making it as a visual artist in NYC is no small feat. No matter how you define success, it is incredibly difficult to gain the exposure, capital, and community necessary to survive in this city and continue to create without the right connections. Enter CUE Art Foundation, a visual arts center dedicated to building the careers and resources of emerging young artists. CUE offers exhibitions, housing, and educational programs for aspiring creative professionals; in turn, they have gallery shows and educational programs for the public. CUE has worked with painters, sculptors, high school students, and writers alike for over a decade now. Overall, CUE Art Foundation provides many vital and necessary, though scarcely available, services to underrepresented artist communities and the public."