Thomas Ashcraft
Curated by Bruce Nauman
December 9, 2004 – January 29, 2005

Ashcraft Thomas: aka "Tom from Heliotown", aka "Tom";

extrapolator, gum and tradecake designer, experimenter,

specimen trader, precipitator;

Practitioner of the scientific method;
Practitioner of slant vision, of micro-monumentalism,
of ultra-logic and chance;
Sculptor, artisan, money stylist: Red Money Issuance;
Research Director: Jupiter Pulse and Power: Energy Utility
Born: Rub City, 1951


Born in 1941 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bruce Nauman has been recognized since the early 1970s as one of the most innovative and provocative contemporary artists.

Nauman's most recent accolade, the Praemium Imperiale Prize for Visual Arts from Japan in 2004, belongs to a long line of awards he has received since the late 60s. He is represented in every major art museum internationally, and has countless solo and group shows to his name. A retrospective of Nauman's work opened at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid in 1993 before traveling to Minneapolis, Washington D.C., New York and Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, The Tate Modern in London is showing "The Unilever Series: Bruce Nauman."

Bruce Nauman lives in New Mexico with his wife, Susan Rothenberg.



"The Heliotown Concurrences"


I am presently engaged in a run as "extrapolator in residence" at The Extrapolator's Club in Heliotown and plan to simultaneously install my laboratory at CUE in Chelsea during December and January.

I'm into some new formulas these days so this action has the potential to be cool - possibly even aesthetic. Maybe even interesting. We'll see!

As I write today I foresee the CUE action in two parts: December might be an exposition of cosmodities work, parallel monies and recent inventions. And January might be an installation of The Sky & Culture Pavilion ( in the Heliotown Style ) with trippable jumpers for direct electromagnetic contact with outer space.

But who knows what the world will be like in December and January so we will maintain the lab's mutability and address the moment as it comes.

Here are some wordstrings for wordsearching with an extrapolator's intercept at the end for more information:

Port of Heliotown; City of Friends; ( simultaneous );
.oo2 / pop; The Time of The Great Contortion;
Time of The Turbulent-Disrupter; The Concurrences;
The Biological Commonwealth ( precipitating );
The Molecular Commonwealth; Horn of Plenty;
Hole in the Wall; Hole in Nagual;
The Hall of Biological Thinking; The Hall of Public Dreaming;
The Free Trade Zone; Think's Mall; Mopus Chink & Oof; Cosmodities;
traveler's currencies; spondulix;
Department of Fragrant Molecules; Folk Medicine Laboratory;

Nation Sack Grocery; ............

The Financial District; On-planet; off-planet; interdimensional; trans-species;
Traction Powder; admixture .132; Hunk of Splice; Whiff of Splice; Thinker's Gum, Yab Yum Gum; Mineral Lick; Coffee Helper; TradeCake; StoryCake; Three Ant Hills Brand; MapCake; ( pick some up on the way home! )

Radio astronomy; hyper-extended nervous system;
ElectroReceptor; Re-Examining Common Jovian Radio Emissions; Sun Opener; Fireballs; radio fireballs;
Lab Dice; dancing with tied hands;
Present work and probing methods include : The Scientific Method, feral naturalism, slant vision; micro-monumentalism; ultra-logic and chance.

Influence : Grote Reber, experimenter.

Artist intercept :




by Bruce Nauman


Essay    assay    (funny money)

(money laundry)  seed laundry

seed money

cede laundry

cede seed

seed cake/cede cake

cake wash/soap cake

wash out/out take/take out/takeout

out source/seed source/cede source

seek seed

cede seek

Thanks Tom

     Bruce Nauman