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An Epic Work in Miniature: The Pictures and Processes of Robert Seydel's by Jennifer Stob

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A red sky seeps down a picture postcard and floods a 19th-century street.  A man-child with curls and a trench coat smiles vacantly; an alluring piece of shoulder hovers nearby.  A woman with a crumpled bit of type for a head is haloed by a dirty white label backing, and guarded by a red-eyed bird.  This is the universe of salvaged objects that exists within the art of Robert Seydel, where bottle caps and newspaper ads take on new meanings through their juxtaposition with words, graphite and paint.  Seydel's drawings and collages imply a disinterest in all that is holistic or straightforward, inviting us instead to ponder the mysterious source material and its more mysterious organization on the page.

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