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Momentary Capture: Chicago Street Photography by Jonathan Elderfield: Katherine Jentleson

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About 20 times a minute our vision is corrupted.  The involuntary act of blinking limits our capacity to see the world around us, and it is only the basest way that our acuity is plundered.  Take into account the distractedness that accompanies a daily agenda or the defensiveness of a city dweller, and our narrow vision is actually perpetuated as a survival tactic.  The photography of Jonathan Elderfield exposes the deficit of our nearsightedness.  In his photographs, the unseen moments that transpire in and around urban Chicago come into focus. Elderfield often feels overwhelmed by the infinitude of moments that could be caught on film.  He says, "I sometimes think, right at this moment, there are all these things happening in the world that could probably be captured in an interesting way, and I'm not there to do it." 

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