Meeting Artists' Needs  is an educational professional development series for artists of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that artists are entrepreneurs, an essential part of our country's culture and economy. Meeting Artists' Needs aims to equip artists with the skills they need—from networking and marketing to financial and estate planning—so they can effectively manage a successful career in the arts.


These events are presented in conjunction with the group exhibition, The Visible Hand, curated by David Borgonjon. On view at CUE Art Foundation January 7 - February 15, 2017.

Art as Service
Symposium: Saturday, January 28. 1-6pm
Cost: FREE please RSVP via Eventbrite

This day-long symposium with three panels examines models for artists to participate in institutions outside of what’s traditionally understood as art. The models on the table draw on traditions as diverse as institutional critique, political organizing, social practice and management strategy. What if we treated art not as a good, but as a service?

We will pay special attention to the way that artists are increasingly finding positions for themselves inside institutions outside of art, and to the question of scalable impact for the imagination. In general, these panels propose that art can play a pivotal role in creating stronger institutions. What is the relationship between artistic practice and institution-building, and what are the traditions and case studies of artists as creators of durable social contexts that we can look to?

Artists ________ Institutions
Workshop: Saturday, February 4, 1-7PM
Cost: $15 / $5 for members

This day-long intensive is intended to equip artists with skills and ideas for founding, tending, and closing institutions. Each of the three parts of the intensive will be led by an artist mentor (including BFAMFAPhD, Chloe Bass, and Christina Xu). This workshop is suited for artists who are planning to or currently participating in institiutions, whether in the form of DIY art spaces, day jobs, arts administration, community organizing or entrepreneurship.
Spaces are limited. Light, late lunch is provided. Participation requires application and a nominal fee that can be waived on a need basis.

Discussion: Saturday, February 11, 7-9PM
Cost: FREE please RSVP via Eventbrite

In this session of Artist/Admin, we will share different ways to work simultaneously as both an artist and arts administrator. Topics covered will include organizing as artistic practice, efficient management of studio time, and balancing paid/unpaid, part-time/full-time, and permanent/temporary work. Artist/Admin is an intimate monthly meeting focused on workshopping new forms for the cultural institution. All artists and administrators are welcome to attend this mix between a support group, a skill-share, and a reading club.