When will the selected exhibition be on view?
The exhibition is 5-6 weeks long, scheduled between January and December 2019.

When will you announce the winner?
All applicants will be notified by July 2018.

Who are the panelists?
Finalists are selected by a panel of
 three established curators and artists. The panelists change each year and remain confidential until finalists are announced. Last year's panel was comprised of artist, Kate Shepherd; independent curator, Larry Ossei-Mensah; and Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design, Shannon Stratton.

I've had a solo show in NYC recently, but it was in a small gallery. Am I still eligible to apply?
It depends. If your solo show was in a small non-commercial gallery, artist-run space, and/or not-for-profit space, then you are still eligible to apply. Please contact us if you are unsure.

I don't understand how to fill out the Budget Worksheet form, can you help?
Comprehensive instructions and a sample Budget Worksheet form can be downloaded here. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Can I submit an application as a collaboration or artist collective?
Yes, however you must demonstrate a consistent two-year history of working as a collaborative team or artist collective. The application should be completed under one name. In the body of the proposal, please state the nature of the collaboration, and include CVs for all collaborators.

Can I propose work that has not yet been completed?
If you are proposing new work, please include samples of past or completed work that provides context for your proposal. If applicable, include renderings, plans, or concept sketches of your proposed work.

Will the front gallery be available as part of the exhibition?
Yes, the front gallery is available in addition to the main gallery. You can view the front gallery in this video and in photos: herehere, and here.

How high are the ceilings in the gallery?
The ceilings in the front and the main gallery are 15ft. There are pipes and beams in various places at 14ft, and the track lighting system is approx. 12ft from the floor. The ceiling height below the mezzanine (in the hallway from the front to the main gallery) is 7ft. Visit our Vimeo channel for video documentation of the gallery.

Can I paint the gallery a different color?
Yes. Please incorporate the costs of labor and paint in your budget. It requires about 13 gallons to paint the entire gallery with two coats of good quality paint, and it takes one day to apply each coat, with two or three people painting. 

Can I submit my application by mail or email?
No. Applications will only be reviewed if they have been submitted through the online system.

I made a mistake with my application, but I already submitted it. Can I edit the proposal?

Sorry, no. All applications are final. Please carefully review your proposal before submitting, and note that incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified.

The online system isn't working (or is slow, or is buggy, etc).
If it's the day before the application is due, please know that there is a high volume of submissions which slows down the server. We strongly recommend submitting your application well in advance of the deadline. If technical difficulties persist, please contact Submittable's customer support: (855) 467-8264. 

Have a question that isn't answered here? Email Eva Elmore, Programs Assistant: Due to the high volume of requests, we ask that you send your initial inquiry via email.