November 1 - December 11, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, November 1st, 5-7pm

CUE is pleased to present Lucia Love’s mixed media exhibition, Reflecting Pool. Love transforms a common object, a party straw, into an immersive installation of dark and peculiar forms, relying on a careful balance of the comical, the strange, and the violent.



Fantasy is the driving force behind all human endeavors, from the mass production of spoons, to the baroque creation of a symphony played by gimps in rhinestone penguin suits. Every invention is born from the marriage of vision and necessity. 

The combination of an agro object like a knife with a generally passive object like a party straw, creates a surreal opening in logic. New possible courses of action arise through its creation - like freaking people out at restaurants. Its function is invented by its creation. 

Successful fantasies defy the logic of the time they are born into, and reveal our physical landscape to yield infinite combinations of actions, gestures, plot points, and sensations. They stick with you when you’re paying your taxes, and nag you to tear your suit off and go swimming with dolphins instead. Nonsense becomes offensive in these struggles with common knowledge - as at the point in childhood when we are convinced that ripping a dollar bill in half does not give you the ability to buy two ice creams instead of one. The cost of an ice cream like all other definitions is an agreement subject to change. Maintaining this knowledge is the root of freedom.

Lucia Love hails from the deep woods of Connecticut and currently resides in Brooklyn. Her dream jobs have included (but are not limited to) illustrating Magic: The Gathering cards, operating fighter jets, being the reincarnation of Pierre Cardin, and creating a cartoon for Adult Swim about a rabbit who works as a surgeon haunted by compulsive masturbation. Her work is unbound by a specific medium and has been exhibited internationally in venues such as Family Business, the Last Brucennial, Spring/Break Art Show, and B2OA gallery. 



"Three-dimensional Allegory: Lucia Love’s Reflecting Pool" by Louis Doulas