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Stakeholders Personal Finance Series: Artists Edition

Stakeholders Personal Finance Series: Artists Edition
Tuesday Feb 23rd, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
FREE - Space is limited. Please RSVP HERE

Stakeholders PFS:  Artists Edition is an experiential financial education and professional development series.  The series is created around the concept of artists as entrepreneurs.  From that perspective, the curriculum, workshops and individual presentations are crafted to equip artists with practical knowledge and skills advancing their level of personal financial literacy and establishing a proper business foundation for their studio practice.

In this active participation workshop, we’ll develop a framework you can immediately use to organize your personal finances. Our goal is to consider “best practices” in personal financial management while outlining an approach for creating a uniquely tailored plan in support of your studio practice.  In the context of your individual circumstance, we’ll consider:

  • How to leverage your positive emotions for financial gain;
  • An approach to alleviating problems of “lumpy” cashflow;
  • Methods of enhancing your credit profile;
  • Why the income tax system should be embraced (it can help you!);
  • Estate planning, charity and legacy objectives (even before your works trade at auction.)

Stakeholders workshops provide transformative experiences enabling participating artists to develop a uniquely tailored framework for their personal finances, business affairs and long term estate needs. Workshop #1 serves as an overview and introduction to the concepts and topics that will be explored in depth throughout the series in March, 2016. Stay tuned for future announcements! 

The presenter, Darwin F. Brown, J.D. is a wealth strategist and brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in financial planning, estate planning and portfolio management.  Mr. Brown specializes in taxation and business planning for owners of closely-held companies.  He maintains a unique expertise in planning issues related to visual artists, artworks and their collectors.