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Open Call: Formula 1
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Open Call: Formula 1

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CUE Curatorial Fellows Simon Wu and Mira Dayal announce an open call to artists, curators, thinkers, and cultural producers to submit formulas for successful works of contemporary art. Merging interests in trends, big data, and art history, we ask you to submit formulas that describe artworks you believe have garnered some form of popular, economic, or critical success in the past five years.


Skeletal structure + live element or lifelike material + identity politics = contemporary sculpture
Social cause + school children + newly endowed institutional fund = socially-engaged artwork

Rather than cynical, this open call aims to be generative. How can formula-making be a productive, reflective, and historically-conscious tool? Selected formulas will be used to commission an exhibition of new work, entitled Formula 1, at CUE Art Foundation this spring. Additional formulas will be published in the exhibition catalogue.

Submit your formula here by September 5th, 2018. If you have questions about this application or process, please email Mira Dayal (, Simon Wu (, or CUE Art Foundation (

Formula 1 is the winning selection from the 2018-19 Open Call for Curatorial Projects. The proposal was unanimously selected by a jury comprised of panelists Ali Banisadr, artist; Andrianna Campbell, art historian and writer; and Steffani Jemison, artist. In line with CUE’s commitment to providing substantive professional development opportunities, panelists also serve as mentors to the exhibiting artists, providing support throughout the process of developing the exhibition. We are honored to work with Andrianna Campbell as the Mentor of this exhibition.



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"All I See Is Blue" by Ariel Jackson, performed with Michael Love

 Ariel Jackson,  All I See Is Blue , 2017. Top layer soil from the Bronx, muslin fabric, blue dye, clothespins, wire polyester thread, 72 x 108 inches.

Ariel Jackson, All I See Is Blue, 2017. Top layer soil from the Bronx, muslin fabric, blue dye, clothespins, wire polyester thread, 72 x 108 inches.

All I See Is Blue, a performance by Ariel Jackson and Michael Love, is presented in conjunction with the group exhibition Original Language. The artists activate Jackson's sculptural installation, All I See is Blue, to translate Langston Hughes' 1935 poem "Let America Be America Again." Layering the piece with sound and dance, the performance simultaneously pays homage to Hughes while pointing to similarities between politics relating to American identity between the 1930s and now. 

Ariel Jackson’s work explores and transforms gaming, navigational, and domestic systems and diagrams using video, sculpture, and performance. Using chalk, chalkboard, soil, fabric, and found objects, Jackson is interested in how educational signifiers can evoke a creolization of identity. The artist often uses installation to situate her practice into ideas of spatial matters as black matters. In Katherine McKittrick’s Demonic Grounds, McKittrick points to sociological cycle theory which argues that rather than events and stages in society and history progressing linearly, they are progressing in cycles, suggesting repetition and as an outcome remnants of the past. Throughout Jackson’s family’s history, land has been both a permanent reminder of systemic racism, as well as a temporal unfolding of possible transformations and outcomes based on individual and communal actions. Theories and familial conversations about what it means to be creole, material remnants of a life of farming, and a struggle for higher education function as guides to sourcing materials and research.

Michael J Love is an interdisciplinary tap dance artist—a dancer, choreographer, educator, director—and percussinarrative storyteller who creates and curates auralvisual performances that visceralize parts of the Black experience. His original evening-length piece, GON' HEAD AND PUT YOUR RECORDS ON!, the first in The AURALVISUAL MIXTAPE Collection series, premiered in 2017. Michael is also an MFA Candidate in the Performance as Public Practice program in the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin where his work and research focus on Black American vernacular dance and culture as well as race and identity politics. 

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TRANSPARENCY Opening Reception
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TRANSPARENCY Opening Reception


Join us on August 2 to celebrate the opening of the second annual Joan Mitchell Foundation Alumni Council Exhibition, hosted by CUE Art Foundation. Entitled TRANSPARENCY, this exhibition features work by 15 artists who are alumni of the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Art Education Program. Alumni were challenged to consider the theme of "transparency," traversing the many meanings of the word, and contribute work within the theme that highlights their talents and pushes the bounds of their practices as young artists. The resulting exhibition ranges in content from interpersonal intimacy to sociopolitical tragedy. 

On view:
August 2–17, 2018
CUE Art Foundation, 137 West 25th Street, NYC

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday

Opening Reception:
Thursday, August 2

Closing Reception
and Artist Talk:

Friday, August 17

Exhibiting artists:

Luis Cuesta
Darren Dempster
Nicky Draven
Joseph Gonzalez
Amari “Mars” Jones
Megan Pasko
Auden Price-Dillon
Noelani Renderos
Kevin Rijo
Angelica Santiago
Alannah Sears
Sada Spence
Lobsang Tsewang
Nicolas Umpierrez
Jennifer Villa


About the Joan Mitchell Foundation

The Joan Mitchell Foundation celebrates the life of abstract artist Joan Mitchell by expanding awareness of her pioneering work and fulfilling her wish to support and provide opportunities for visual artists. Through grants, residencies, and related initiatives, the Foundation advances the work of today's artists and amplifies their essential contributions to communities around the world.
The Foundation's grant programs include the Painters & Sculptors Grants, Emerging Artist Grants, and Emergency Grants, all of which provide recipients with unrestricted funds. Its New Orleans-based Joan Mitchell Center hosts residencies for national and local artists, as well as public programs such as artist talks and open studio events that encourage dialogue and exchange with the local community. The Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) initiative provides free and essential resources to help artists of all ages organize, document, and manage their artworks and careers. Together, these programs, along with additional professional support services, actively engage with working artists as they develop and expand their practices. Learn more at

About the JMF Alumni Council

The Joan Mitchell Foundation Alumni Council is a program for former Art Education Program (AEP) alumni artists between the ages of 18-25, who are seeking professional development and community involvement. The program brings together young adult alumni to provide fellow alumni participants and partnering organizations an engaging community experience, which is geared to develop, support, and encourage young aspiring artists to express their artistic voice. The program creates a leadership venue for the Foundation's AEP alumni and provides an opportunity for empowering young artists to develop a creative and supportive networking community.


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Radical Plastic: Methods 3 Issue Launch
7:00 PM19:00

Radical Plastic: Methods 3 Issue Launch

Join us in launching the third issue of Methods, a contraceptive catalog, published by Leisure Press in solidarity with Planned Parenthood New York. Methods is a fertile ground for conversation about reproductive rights, consisting of contraceptive ads by artists and designers as well as a series of interviews with activists. Issues are $20 each with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood New York.

Organized by Ria Roberts in conjunction with Radical Plastic, on view at CUE July 16 - August 20, 2016.

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Radical Plastic: WellMan Launch
7:00 PM19:00

Radical Plastic: WellMan Launch

We are thrilled to invite you to the official launch of WellMan, the purveyors of a healthy and holistic lifestyle for the everyperson. Integrating the mindfulness of meditation and the energetic practice of qi gong, WellMan offers classes, clinics and opportunities to attune awareness and cultivate intuition while unblocking and moving internal energies.

The WellMan launch event will celebrate the emergence of the WellMan image as a brand, a personality, and a useful product of contemporary lifestyle culture. In keeping with the WellMan mission to help people help themselves, the event will offer free trials of services that WellMan provides including one-on-one consultations, class demonstrations, unique gifts, and much more.

WellMan is Laurel Atwell and Tess Dworman. This friendship-cum-institution blends the teaching practices of both artists, who study wellness and well-being in tandem with the creation of their artistic works. Atwell and Dworman are performers, choreographers, and collaborators who have created many performance works together and individually since they met in 2012. For more information on WellMan, visit

Organized by Ria Roberts in conjunction with Radical Plastic, on view at CUE July 16 - August 20, 2016.

This event is free and open to the public.

Please RSVP here:

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PLAY&GROUP 1: A picnic with composer Ithai Benjamin and his robotic puppets
11:00 AM11:00

PLAY&GROUP 1: A picnic with composer Ithai Benjamin and his robotic puppets

This event has been postponed until next Saturday, January 30th at 11AM due to the weekend's blizzard forecast. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PLAY&GROUP 1: A picnic with composer Ithai Benjamin and his robotic puppets

Saturday, January 23, 2016 - POSTPONED until Saturday, January 30
Time: 11am – 12.30pm        
Admission $5 per family, TICKETS HERE
FREE for members* To become a member, click
here. *Members must RSVP to

Artists with children are invited to an indoor January picnic at the CUE Art Foundation, with music performed by New York composer, artist, and dad, Ithai Benjamin.

Following the performance will be a brief interview and discussion with Benjamin and artist Rebeca Raney on the continuation of their studio practice while parenting, including participation in extended residencies with families.

Refreshments will be served. All children are welcome. Bring a blanket and join us!

Presented by CUE Art Foundation and the Center for Parenting Artists.

Ithai Benjamin is a New York City-based composer, performer and engineer. He makes dolls, puppets, robots, colorful instruments and interactive installations and uses technology and animation to tell stories that are otherwise impossible to tell. His work has been published in Make Magazine and the book Handmade Electronic Music. His band of robotic puppets "The Princes of Persuasion" have performed at Exit Art, The Tank, the 2010 New York Fringe Festival, Cameo Gallery, 92YTribeca and more. Ithai teaches the class Puppets and Performing Objects at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Rebeca Raney is a New York City-based artist who creates drawings and sculptures in her Brooklyn studio. Rebeca’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in New York, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, and Miami. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and a MFA from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, NY. In addition to her fine art practice, she is the Director of Education for Frieze and teaches art to teens through the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She collaborated with the fashion retailer Madewell for Rebeca Raney x Madewell, a capsule collection consisting of cashmere sweaters, jewelry, hand-painted leather bags, and scarves featuring the artist’s signature drawings. Rebeca has also been featured in The New York Times and Brooklyn Magazine among numerous other publications.

The Center for Parenting Artists is a weblog and online community working to support and encourage the simultaneous practice of creative work and family life. The group is based in New York and represents creative professionals and collectives from all fields, across the US.

Follow Center for Parenting Artists on Twitter and Instagram @ParentingArtist!

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