September 6 - October 18, 2014 

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CUE is pleased to present Baltimore-based artist Dina Kelberman's first solo exhibition in New York City. Kelberman works in a wide variety of media including screencaps, animated gifs, comics, painting, writing, photography, and sculpture. She has shown and spoken about her work internationally, is a founding member of the Wham City artist collective and a weekly comics contributor to the Baltimore City Paper. Kelberman was recently invited to create an original web-based piece, “Smoke and Fire,” for the New Museum.


I am very interested in resourcefulness and enjoy setting up limitations and then seeing what is possible within them.  In this way my work is very much a game.  I make things as I am compelled to make them and consider why later, often making connections I didn’t consciously set out to realize.  Much of my work comes out of my natural tendency to spend long hours collecting and organizing imagery from the internet, television, and other commonplace surroundings of my everyday life. 

I gravitate towards things that are simple, colorful, industrial, and mundane. I am also interested in using materials that are easily accessible and familiar to the everyday person. My work seeks to elevate the familiar and transform brief moments into infinite stretches of time. In close examination of the simple or the seemingly insignificant the viewer may bring their own limitless associations.


Dina Kelberman's "I'm Google" by Stephanie Barber